EcoMine Online Wallets

There is no difference between the wallets, there are three simply for redundancy.

What are online wallets?

Online wallets are simply Burst wallets that someone has put online and allows users to access them over the internet. While this may sound nice, there are a number of potential issues that can arise from using online wallets incorrectly. Most importantly, you can never trust an online wallet is safe from either attackers of the wallet’s server, or from the wallet hoster stealing your passphrase. While EcoMine would never log any user passphrases and we do our best to maintain a secure environment, we still ask you maintain this non-trusting relationship when using our online wallets.

What you should not do, EVER.

  • Use an online wallet in place of a local wallet.
  • Enter the passphrase of your main wallet(s).
  • Send any transaction with a message thats contents are not fit for public consumption.
  • Leave funds sitting in a wallet that you have accessed through an online portal.
  • Use an online wallet to generate a new account you intend to use for along period of time.
  • Make API calls to a wallet server that requires a passphrase to be sent over HTTP.
  • Move Burst that you would mine losing through an online wallet.

Please note, this list is non-exhaustive.

So, how can you use online wallets safely?

A number of legitimate use cases for online wallets exist. When using an online wallet it is important to be mindful of the insecure environment and only use the wallets for very short periods of time, or for things that do not require a high level fo security.

  • Create and use a “burner” wallet for a short period of time.
  • Create a wallet to showcase Burst.
  • Make API calls that do not require a passphrase to be sent over HTTP.
  • And many more…