Windows 10 - Qbundle v1.9
Wallet Install guide

What You Need

  • Most Recent Java Version
    • Select the download ending in ".exe"
  • Qbundle
    • Download "Qbundle_installer_1.8.msi"

Local Wallet Install Steps

  1. Download all files listed above.
  2. Install Java JRE using the install wizards.
  3. Double click the Qbundle Installer file and follow the on screen instructions.
  4. A dialog box titled "Windows protected your PC" may pop up. This is typical with applications related to cryptocurrency.
    1. Select "More info".
    2. Click "Run anyway".
  5. Once the installer is finished, make sure the "Launch Qbundle" box is selected, and press "Finish".
  6. If any of the necessary components are red, click "Download missing components". Qbundle will find, download, and install all the programs you need.
  7. Once all components are green, click "Continue"
  8. A Windows firewall warning might popup. This happens with almost all cryptocurrency applications. Select "Allow Access".
  9. At the top of the application window, select the menu item "Database".
  10. Select "Change Database".
  11. In the pop-up window select "Portable MariaDB".
  12. Click "Next".
  13. If a dialog box titled "Download MariaDB" pops up, select "Yes".
  14. Allow the download to finish.
  15. In the window titled "Transition" select "No Copy".
  16. Click "Save and close".
  17. The wallet will now begin synchronizing the blockchain.

At this point the installation is finished, but you must leave the Qbundle running for it to complete the synchronization of the blockchain. If you do not have a wallet already you can create one now, but you will not be able to send or receive any transactions until the blockchain is fully synchronized. If you are trying to make a time sensitive transaction, use an online wallet. The same wallet used online will be available to use on your local wallet after the blockchain is synchronized.

You should now configure your wallet to be publicly accessible. Use this tutorial to complete that step.

First Time Wallet Start

  1. You MUST write down your passphrase on a piece of paper. If your computer corrupts, you accidentally delete it, or through any other way you lose your passphrase there is NO WAY TO RECOVER IT. Any Burst you have in that wallet will be LOCKED FOREVER. It is suggested that before making any transactions you close the wallet and confirm that you can re-enter the same address by hand typing in your passphrase.
    1. All Burst passphrases are lowercase only and require a space between every word.
    2. When testing your ability to re-enter your wallet, make sure to check the wallet address. An incorrectly entered passphrase will still seemingly log you into a wallet, but it will not have the same address as your generated wallet.
  2. Burst currently requires you to make a transaction in order to generate the wallets public key. This is a small hassle, and will change in the near future. The best way to recieve a few coins to get started is to head over to the GetBurst Forum, join, and post in the "Getting started - Initial Coin Request" section. You can alternatively use the Poloniex Exchange to buy Burst and send it to your wallet address.
  3. If you plan to mine Burst, hold onto the coins you receive to later select your rewards recipient. This transaction will generate your public key.
    1. EcoMine offers a list of pools that are confirmed to be supporting the Dymaxion hard forks.
  4. If you do not plan to mine Burst, use the coin to set a name. This transaction will also generate your public key.
  5. You are now ready to send and receive Burst through your local wallet.

Qbundle Tips

  • Checking for updates
    • File --> Check for updates
  • "Account Manager" allows you to save your passphrase encrypted within the wallet for easy access.
    • Select "Manager" and enter the required information to add a new account to the wallet.
    • This feature is very useful, but should no be used for cold storage wallets.
    • To use saved accounts in the future, select "Login Account", chose the target wallet, and enter the pin code to be automatically logged in.
  • If you would like to keep the wallet running but do not want the wallet UI running, run Qbundle in "launcher" mode.
    • File --> Mode --> Launcher Mode

For additional support please visit the Burst Subreddit or Discord groups.

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