Submit your Findings to the Experimental Blog

In an effort to maintain high quality entries that will be of use to individuals in teh future, a number of rules and guidelines have been provided to you below. For a successful entry, you must follow this guide.


  • Entries must contain original content or significantly further the experiments of a past entry.
  • Write ups must be well written with proper spelling, grammar, and puncuation.
  • A sucessful post will include in-depth documentation in both written and photograph or video form.
  • A final, formatted version, of your experiments shoudl be submitted with any other material you submit. This write up will be the actual entry.


  • Entries are meant as a way to document and share experiments, not as short blurbs, questions, or ideas of experiments to conduct.
  • Include all pictures, notes, and data regarding your experiment. All experimental claims should be backed up with empirical data and qualified with anything that may vary (eg. price of electricity).

If Approved…

You will recieve an email notifying you that your entry ahs been approved. Soon after, your write up will be published in the experimental blog.

If Denied…

If denied, you will recieve an email with a short list of reason(s) why you have been denied. You are free to correct your entry and resubmit, but repeated denials, even for seperate entries, may lead to you being blacklisted.

To Submit…

  • Be sure to follow the rules and guidelines above.
  • Gather all relevant files into a single zipped folder. A better organized folder (eg. pictures in their own folder, meaningful file names) will aid in our speed of reviewing your entry.
  • Email the zipped file to
  • Wait for a response