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At EcoMine, we beleive buidling a free and environmentally friendly economy begins with you. We have dedicated ourselves to providing you the most high quality information on Proof-of-Capacity mining.

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Need help getting your first wallet running? We have guides for that, and coming soon, guides on how to plot and mine Burst as well.

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Stay informed and up to date on everything related to Burst and mining. We are constantly working to add new and better content.


EcoMine hosts mining pools, online wallets, and soon will be offering services including cloud mining, prebuilt mining rigs, and much more.

Mining Calculator

How much can mining Burst really make you? Find out.

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Find a place to call home while you mine Burst.

Block Reward

Burst’s block reward changes much frequently. Always stay up to date.

Plotting Benchmarks

Know what you can expect from different components beforehand.

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It is hard to keep up with all the Burst software available, let us do the hard work for you.


The vocabulary associated with cryptocurrencies and mining can be intimidating, well help you understand all the jargon.

and so much more coming soon…

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Experimental Mining Blog

The cutting edge of PoC mining is happening at home with dedicated community members. We need miners, like you, to participate by submitting and discussing experiments, adding your knowledege.


Finally test out that idea you have been kicking around in the back of your mind for months!


Make sure to thoroughly document your experiment with pictures and videos.


After you have written a complete report, submit it to EcoMine for review and listing.


Engage in discussion on various experiments to propel the ideas even further!